The Juttenkun (十天君 Juttenkun)Edit

The parallel organization to Konron's Juunisen. The Juttenkun is a group of ten yōkai sennin, headed by Ōtenkun. They use "Juuzetsujin" dimensional Paope. They can combine they dimensions (mostly in pairs that have dimensions that compliments one another).

Ōtenkun (王天君 Ōtenkun)Edit

Originally a human disciple of Genshitenson's named Ō Eki, he was traded to Tsuuten Kyōshu for Yōzen in order to maintain relations between Kingo and Konron. Because Kingou does not allow humans, he was locked away until Dakki appeared and split his soul into three and giving them yōkai bodies.

He has the paopei Kōsuijin which causes acid rain, and the paopei dani, an animal type peopei like Youzen's Koutenken, but in the form of tiny ticks that secretly latch onto sennin and drain their energy as if they were constantly using a peopei.

Chōtenkun (張天君 Chōtenkun)Edit

One of the Juttenkun who controls the dimensional paopei "Kōsajin" which creates a sand dimension. He can control all the sand in his dimension and as long as the enemy is in his dimension they start to dehydrate and crumble into sand adding to the dimension. He has very long arms and walks on his fingers with his feet curled up under him, he also wears an armadillo mask with a body and tail that covers his back. He was defeated by Youzen.

Chōtenkun (趙天君 Chōtenkun)Edit

A different Chōtenkun to the one above, his appearance is that of a talking stone slab monolith, his dimensional paopei is called "Chiretsujin." He is killed by Nataku.

Sontenkun (孫天君)Edit

A yokai with the appearance of a toy. His dimensional paopei, "Kaketsujin," uses the form of a child's room, where he has control over all his toys (he can make them explode to attack), as well as the ability to turn his opponents into toys if they lose against him in a game. He is killed by Gyokutei Shinjin.

Tōtenkun <(董天君 Tōtenkun)Edit

A Juttenkun who looks like a bug. His "Fūkōjin" dimension paopei only has one pillar suspended above a thin net that can cut through flesh, and permeated by a strong wind. He is killed by falling off the pillar, after being tricked by the Kō family.

Entenkun (袁天君 Entenkun)Edit

A member of the Jūtenkun who controls the ice dimension paopei, "Kanpyōjin." He is indirectly killed by Fugen.

Yōtenkun (姚天君 Yōtenkun)Edit

A Juttenkun who is dress in a priest like robe, he wields the dimensional paopei "Rakkonjin", which is a variety of paper runes that cause explosions or fire beams (both attacks damage the enemies body and soul). He fights together with Kinkou Seibo. He is killed by Igo.

Hakutenkun (柏天君 Hakutenkun)Edit

A Juttenkun that appears as a some kind of stone alter. It wields the dimensional paopei "Retsuenjin" which can created powerful balls of flames (akin to volcanic eruptions). Working together with Shintenkun's "Tenzetsujin" to create a barrage of flaming meteors. It is accidentally hoshin-ed by Madonna.

Shintenkun (秦天君 Shintenkun)Edit

Twin yokai who are always conjoined together. They wield the dimensional paopei "Tenzetsujin" which creates an outer space like dimension full of meteors. Working together with Hakutenkun's "Retsuenjin" to create a barrage of flaming meteors. They are accidentally hoshin-ed by Madonna.

Kinko Seibo (金光聖母 Kinkō Seibo)Edit

A Juttenkun who that wears a witch's hat and a cloak which renders her whole body invisible except for gloved hands. She wields the dimensional paopei "Kinkōjin" which can bend or emit light. Those trapped in her dimension are forced to fight their own shadows (dealing damage to themselves) unless they stay out of the light she emits. She fights as a team with Yōtenkun. She is killed by Nataku.

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