Kashi (賈氏, Jia Shi) (Voiced by: Kara Bliss)

Wife of Ko Hiko and mother of his four children. Kashi is considered to be one of China's most beautiful and graceful women. Her beauty is renowned and reached even Chuuoh's ear, triggering the unfortunate events that led to her tragic death. She loves her husband deeply and takes great pride in being his wife. In the anime, she took care of the princes while their mother was imprisoned and even went out to face Dakki, in hope of getting Kyohi freed. She is pictured as being a kind, loving and at the same time strong woman, who endangered herself for the sake of the princes, whom she considered "the country's future".

In the manga, her character gets less scenes and her most important one is when she visits her sister-in-law and falls into Dakki's trap (chapter 26).

Unlike the manga, in the anime her soul is sent to the Hoshindai.

Gallery Edit

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