Nataku is one of the main heroes of Houshin Engi.


Synopsis Edit

A living paopei human (divine superweapon) hybrid, he was once dead and now revived, with the aid of Taiitsu, built via lotus plant. He exists largely to fight and is more "directed" by Taikoubou (provided that he actually listens), albeit at times that becomes hazardous to Taikoubou's health, as Nataku has no qualms about shooting his weapons at people. He can fly thanks to his special paopei, Fuukarin, boots which have a metal wheel under each one. He also possesses a weapon paopei in the shape of 2 iron bracelets called Kenkonen, which work as homing missiles and striking his target with tremendous force. Throughout the manga, Nataku gets several "up grades", namely from Taiitsu who gives him new weapons. Towards the end, Nataku becomes paopei "customized" and has the super paopei Kinkousen (previously wielded by Chou Koumei) which allows him to summon Dragons made of light.

Appearance Edit

Nataku has spiky red hair. He weals a long red scarf, white clothes, and a red cloth on his waist. The red cloth on his waist is actually a Paopei that allows his to stir and disturb liquid substances.

Personality Edit

Nataku may seem cold and emotionless, but, according to himself, he has a serious grudge against his father who was responsible for destroying the grave his mother made for him when he died; Nataku has had many chances to kill his father, but never did. Nataku also has a soft spot for his mother, and also for Ko Hiko's fourth son Tensho, whom he took care of after most of his family died.

Voiced by: Kōki Miyata (Japanese), Derek Wade (English)

Gallery Edit

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