Taikoubou (太公望) is the main character of Houshin Engi.


History Edit

Taikōubōu's original name was Ryobōu. He was the son of the Qiang chief and lived in the human world until he was 12. When he was 12, the Emperess Dakki decided that the Emperor be buried with 1000 times the normal amount. So that the people wouldn't revolt she had them captured from other tribes because then no one would care. Most of these were Qiangs and almost everyone, including Ryobou's family, were captured and killed. At that moment, the head of the Kongrong Mountains Genshi Tenson approached him and offered to train him to become a Sennin. Ryobōu accepted and began training immediately.

Synopsis Edit

Also known as:
Bou, Fuuki
Manga Debut:
Chapter 1
Anime Debut:
Episode 1
Voice Actress:
Shannon Weaver
over 70

After 60 years of training, Taikōubōu

began slacking off so that he could be sent to the human world. He was then given leadership of the Houshin Project and sent into the human world to carry it out. To help him with the job he was given the paopei Dashinben and the Reiju Supushan. He immediately targeted Dakki, but was captured and almost killed through the use of the Taibon. He was saved by Kō Hiko and set out to make more allies. After meeting the paopie human Nataku, the genius Youzen, the bandit Raishinshi and the princes of Yin, Taikōubōu began to realize that humans such as King Chuuoh and the princes were on the Houshin List and that people that weren't on the list were being sealed such as the former first queen. He reported back to Genshi Tenson, who explained the true purpose of the Houshin Project. He then came back to the human world and became allies with the Seihakuko Ki Shō. Taikōubōu was made the Gunshi of Seiki and began the war against Yin after Ki Shō's death.

Appearance Edit

Taikoubou and short cut,dark brown hair and emerald green eyes.He wears a strange piece of cloth on his head(which covers most of his hair)that is shaped like a pair of rabbit ears.He also wears a deep blue shoulder and chest pad that opens at the front.Beneath that is a long body-length,yellow-colored shirt and baggy white pants.He wears large yellow gloves and dark blue pointed shoes.


Personality Edit

Taikōubōu,though being over 70, is extremely childish. He constantly taunts his opponents, refuses to take bitter medicine unless it's dipped in sugar and has been shown to be afraid of needles. He also has a love for peaches to the point were he will steal the tribute people give to the Ki family.He is kind and also makes decisions based on emotions rather than logic. He also prefers to do things so that the minimum get hurt. To this point, he rarely fights all out and prefers to use clever tactics. This causes people to see him as being unhero-like.


Paopei Edit

He owns the wind paopie Dashinben (later NEW Dashinben), Kyōkōki and the Super Paopie Taikyokuzu.

Fighting Style Edit

When forced to fight, Taikōubōu will fight using the Drunken Fist, usually accomplished by eating one of the peaches that turn water to sake.

Gallery Edit

Taikoubou Image Gallery


Taikoubou and Sibuxiang
Suupuu and Taikoubou18

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